Alchemist’s Lab

Playtech’s Alchemist’s Lab Online Slots Game Available

Alchemist’s Lab takes for its theme a particularly appropriate pastime from days gone by: that of the quest to turn base metals into gold, and a better analogy for slots play would be difficult to find. Playtech’s online casino video slots game allows the player to try and follow in the footsteps of alchemist’s of days gone by, and is widely available at the best online places to play currently operating.

Design Format for Alchemist’s Lab

The sophistication of online casino games these days demands that developers step up to the plate in terms of game design, and Playtech has done just that in terms of Alchemist’s Lab –delivering a very slick set of reels for players to enjoy. There are potions, presumably which will help the player in his quest to transform the given symbols into money in his pocket, scattered all around the game’s screen, but the end result of this layout is not a muddled mess, and every item on the user-interface has its place. The music and sound effects Playtech has implemented are a good fit as well, and make for an enjoyable listen. The controls are very straightforward, allowing even total beginners to make their way very quickly, and players will have no problem finding their way around.

Three reels are set into the middle of the player’s screen, and these will host the main slots action for Alchemist’s Lab. On the left-hand side of these players will see a blue potion in which all his or her winnings will be kept as play unfolds, and to the right a green bottle is displayed. This one holds the player’s total bet. Underneath the reels players will find a bet button, and options for betting one; two or the maximum amount are available. Playtech has the payout table for the game set above its reels, allowing players to keep track of all the possible payouts and the winning combinations they most need to form.

Straightforward Slots Action with Alchemist’s Lab

Alchemist’s Lab is a very easy game to play, but players will not find the lack of extra features boring, as the excellently developed symbols and interesting theme go a long way towards holding players’ attention and keeping their focus on the game in front of them.

There are no wild combinations that need memorising, nor any complicated extra features that need to be navigated; the buttons are very easy to use, and all that players need to do is land three identical symbols across the game’s reels in order to affect a win. The best of these, those able to make the highest payout to the player, are the coins, and whether one; two or three are landed; a win is certain each time one of these appears.

Another good aspect of Alchemist’s Lab online slots from Playtech is that players are able to get their initial bets back in the case of a win. Many online casino slots do not do so, pocketing players’ original bets even when he or she has managed to form a winning combination and a payout is being processed, but this is not the case with this one.